Poetry: Motherhood in Two Parts

My Mom

you get stoned
say you’re proud
say you’re sorry
say I’m beautiful

I believe you
motherhood cuts deep
your scars shine

like mine

My Daughter

you’ve inherited broken glass
jagged-edged shattered dreams
that are not yours 

I tried smoothing them
with cold ocean waves
deep muddy lake dives
but they still cut

you don’t believe me
because fresh wounds sting
lines etched into softness
but I see you

I’m proud of you 
I’m sorry
you are beautiful

Mother’s Day isn’t an easy day for many, but I hope today you find solace in knowing motherhood binds us more than separates us. We all come from birth. We all are broken. We are all doing our best. May you find a piece of love to hold today and every day.

83 thoughts on “Poetry: Motherhood in Two Parts

  1. Such a beautiful poignant piece, Bridgette 🙂 Especially that powerful opening leading into the ‘cold ocean waves’ and ‘deep muddy lake dives’ that smooth over old scars. Fitting tribute to such an important day ❤

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    • Thank you so much, Tom. I was a little nervous about being so open, but I think we glamorize mothers on this day and that doesn’t really make anyone feel good. Mother-child relationships are beautiful and complicated. We get passed down trauma and we have to learn how to handle it the best way we can. Thank you for reading and for the kind words.

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      • Very true – this was a timely message that applies to so many families who often need that help in overcoming long-seated flaws, rather than pasting on a rosy facade that everything’s just fine. Very important reminder 🙂

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  2. I looked at your pictures, read your poems, read your comments. Bridgette, it is your open heart that makes you and all the ways you express yourself so beautiful. You know, flattery is not my intent. Speaking honestly is who I work to be. And your understanding of Mother’s Day is how we might best see mothers and indeed, all of us. We come most intimately from our mothers. We carry what they carried. We work to love the way love wants to be.

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  3. So pretty you with mom pic. So cute daughter with you and beautiful mom, you with daughter pic. I like.
    “Happy Mother’s Day 💐, Bridgette!
    So emotional words use in both poems. I inspired. You are great writer.
    “We all come from birth. We all are broken. We are all doing our best. May you find a piece of love to hold today and every day.” I much like.
    “I believe you
    motherhood cuts deep
    your scars shine”! Like me too

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  4. Sorry, I’m late at commenting, Bridgette. I’ve had so much going on. This poem is so powerful and beautifully written. I could identify with some of it in my own relationships with my late Mum and my daughter. As one of your other readers commented, I am a fair bit older than you and can assure you it does get better, even if not immediately. My relationship with my daughter was, at one time, complicated, and we grew apart, which I was devastated about. However, twenty years later, we get on so well and share a lot of love between us. At the time, I never thought things would ever get better, but it did, although it took some time. Now, we’re very close. I know that you love your daughter (and Mom) passionately, which is beautiful in itself. I love how you’ve used words like ‘motherhood cuts deep’, which is so true. I also like the first verse of your daughter’s part in your poem…

    “you’ve inherited broken glass
    jagged-edged shattered dreams
    that are not yours” …

    We do often inherit broken glass and shattered dreams from our mothers. I wish you, your mom and your daughter so much love, as always; also, comforting and healing hugs. P.S. I love the photos of you all. You are all beautiful, and your caring, honest words shine through like a beacon in the dark. Xx 🤗💐💞

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    • Thank you Ellie for such a thoughtful and beautiful comment. I appreciate you telling me it gets better. Honestly, I’ve seen my relationship with my mom shift drastically since she moved. It feels like the space between us has actually allowed for more thoughtfulness on both sides and maybe a bit more love has bloomed in it’s place. Parenting teens is no joke and its extra hard when mental health stuff gets in the way, but I hold onto the hope that it won’t always be like this. We will get through this and be stronger on the other side.

      Thank you for your love and healing hugs! I will take them with a grateful heart.

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