poetry: ache


an old ache woke today
i thought it drowned in Miami
while hard waves crashed my thighs
salt meeting salt

but here it is again
calling loudly of hidden rushing waterfalls
not dry deserts or busy cityscapes
chosen not settled

go away, i half whisper
folding myself into my rough hammock
while a tiny brown bird sings
without an answer

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52 thoughts on “poetry: ache

  1. Very powerful piece that leaves such a poignant impression of those unresolved anxieties. The clipped sentences really add to that frustration – can definitely relate to this. ❤

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  2. you could break my heart with this poem, but I refuse

    I understand, I do, but I refuse

    no doubt, life contains confusion, harm and pain in no short supply

    but I refuse, because we are bigger than life is, even when

    it eats us alive. I refuse to go quietly.

    (how’s that for the tail wagging the dog?) I love your poem, and

    (you make me want to write, better than I am) so there

    beautiful (in one word)

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    • Thank you for these amazingly kind words, Neil. I’m inspired by your work and by you. The ache hasn’t gone away, but I’m fighting through it. “I refuse to go quietly.” I like this and will keep moving forward one word at a time.


  3. Love the poem. Very emotional & heart touch words write in short poem. I feel that and understand that’s unresolved! You make my good morning, Bridgette 🌹

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