poetry: remember


time isn’t linear at all. broken
hearts know this truth. concentric
circles might be closer. i drive
into the rice fields to see myself
riding bareback, kicking up dirt
into the water. cranes take flight
scared by hoofbeats and hollering—
‘your eyes can be so cruel,
just as i can be so cruel.’ vultures
watch me traveltime, hissing
‘you don’t belong here anymore.’
i know. circling, i turn back.

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35 thoughts on “poetry: remember

      • That’s what I was going for. I wish I had a photo of me riding bareback through the rice fields but I always went alone and we didn’t have cellphones then. But I was happy to find that photo of me. I look so young. Isn’t it weird how we feel like the same person? Time really does feel like it loops, overlapping maybe. I’m still her, yet I’m not.

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  1. All worthy of praise and pleasure, seeing and reading. The photos, well dear friend, you already have “the knack” – fresh seeing is what I say. I also remember not so long ago, how new, unsure you felt with writing. I’ve said before and I see you now, again, coming close, finding your own voice – there is such a thing and you’re well growing it. I am pleased for you. Encouraged with my own doubts, letting go for better fields.

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    • You are so kind, Neil! Thank you for seeing me. Yes, I think the only way to understand our voice is to write, write, write and then write some more. My poems only a few months ago were so much clunkier than they are now. It makes me excited to think what I might be capable of in the next 10 years. Who knows? All I do know is that I will keep writing.

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  2. Fantastic & lovely words written in short poem.
    “time isn’t linear at all. broken
    hearts know this truth. concentric
    circles might be closer”.!
    Excellent photography.
    Beautiful your youngest horse riding picture. You always inspire emotional word written., Bridgette!

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