I’m glad you are here.

I started this blog in 2013 with the words: “Once upon a time there was a mother who wanted to do something other than dishes and laundry.”

This version of myself feels sort of familiar.

It ended with the words: “She took a deep breath and just went for it.”

This I recognize.

I’ve spent the last nearly decade breathing in and plunging forward.

I’ve been as transparent as I can, exploring motherhood, depression, and body image. There are things I withhold to protect my friends and family, and I’m attempting to explore new territory with my fiction writing. The blog, like me, is a work in progress.

Parenting teenagers has a way of humbling you and making you grow up.

I currently have three manuscripts in the works, and I may publish a short story collection at the end of this year. I journal daily, and although I still feel a bit queasy each time I hit publish, I’m returning to the place I began.

I considered renaming the blog and changing the header image to reflect my growth, but for now, they still fit. My son drew me as Super Mom with a sword by my side and a mask across my eyes. This feels right and somehow important.

Welcome to Bridgette Tales.

Everybody has a story. Here’s a little of mine.

I began my blog after being cast in the spoken word show Listen to Your Mother. It was the catalyst for reconnecting with my creativity, and the people I met through the process continue to inspire me.

Years later, I was cast in the final performance in San Francisco. This one wasn’t recorded, but you can read the piece I read aloud: The mom bathing suit vs. the hipster pool

I’ve grown a lot in my art the last few years thanks to the wonderful support of my friend Anna. Check out her amazing blog, and beautiful artwork, at loscotoff.com.

If you are new here, you may want to read my top blog posts:


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  1. Hi, Bridgette ~ I’ve seen you dropping by my blog from time to time, and every time I see your wonderful smile I think, “I should visit her!” So here I am, all signed up to follow you, and thank you for stopping by my place. I’m looking forward to getting to know you a bit! ~ Linda

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  2. Hello Bridgette. You are a lady of courage, and your testimony proves this fact. One of my mottos is ‘Pavi Gradus Determinate’ – small steps with determination.’ The pleasure and satisfaction I glean from a post is worth the creative effort. If some are touched by the post, that’s the cherry on top. If none – At least I enjoyed it. In my long life, I’ve learned many things; one of these is: there are some things I can change in my life and others I can’t – common sense in deciding which I choose gives me peace.
    Thank you for the follow; I’ll do the same for you. Peter-James.

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