Taking the plunge

Once upon a time there was a mother who wanted to do something other than dishes and laundry. Oh how she longed for adventure. She would sometimes throw a hot pink sock in with the whites… but she needed more.

This mother loved her sweet children to the point of obsession. She made sure they were bathed at least once a week. She made homemade bread, tucked them in at night and told them how beautiful they were. She drove miles and miles every day so the prince and princess would be taught by the finest teachers in the land. But she still craved something.

Then one day she was told about something called “blogs.” Such a strange word, she thought, as she neatly folded her husbands underwear and tucked it into his drawer.

The next morning she started reading these “blogs” and was amazed. These women were just like her! They also toiled in the daily grind of motherhood, wifehood, sisterhood. They too craved something more. Could this be her something?

And so, she took the plunge. She put it out there. Would people read? Would they care? Would they even notice?

It involved a bravery that she didn’t know if she had. She took a deep breath and just went for it.

14 thoughts on “Taking the plunge

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  2. When I saw the picture of you laying on the beach. I thought what a sexy woman !!! Then I read
    your comments about how your children saw you. I must say, I feel like your children .Maybe one day I will find someone as Loving and caring as you. You and your family are very lucky. But I think you know that already. You are simply beautiful inside and out !!
    Warm Regards : Fred


  3. Enjoyed your musings. I fought a home invader in 2009,,(Christmas eve). I won and lost. My wife Mary was on the phone with Taylor, Mi. police. I battled him in 2 feet of snow, for about 15 minutes, I flagged and grew weak,(I was 79),he was 49. on dope. six squad cars captured him,, rolled his car over, He got 25 yrs, for attempted murder,as he tried to hit me with a wheel wrench.And,I ended up in a hospital with a busted intestine, and Atrial fribulaation, But well worth it.. I am thankful for my ,wife, 8 children and lovely friends, bless you, and keep you, Tom..


  4. Very nice read Bridgette. I saw your story today on the MSN page and posted the link to my Facebook. I can relate to so many things you have written and reminisce those days of being a young Mom. My baby girl is now 36……but she still is my baby girl and always will be. Love your kids………..they grow up way too fast!!! Adorable children Bridgette….you are a good Mommy!!


  5. I’m not sure what is more touching Bridgette? Your insightful, inspiring observations or the reader comments. Thank you all!


  6. My God Bridgette , You are a Stunning Women . I understand ( Our ) human vanity . It is only ‘ only ‘ that ! The person ‘ You are ‘ is much more beautiful , than the person ( you ) sometimes see .
    The things You Feel , and have said , and The Woman ( I ) see , is one I would be proud to call My partner

    Joe C .


  7. I got teary eyed about eh swim suit picture. It is love unconditional. ” CATCHER IN THE RYE ish”. If we could all see people for who they are instead of what they are. God Bless. Scott


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