Baby steps

IMAG2074I parked my car in my familiar old spot and walked onto the campus.

It has only been a few months, but it feels so foreign to me.

I meet with Coop’s teacher. Smile. Talk about our summers. It feels comfortable and I forget.

Time to register the kids. I fill out paperwork. See friends. Smile. Give hugs.

The kids start back to school next Thursday. They are ready. I am too.

I’m nervous about what this year looks like. I don’t have a clear picture yet of our routine and I can’t even focus on that yet.

But I’m moving forward.

Today I will clean my house and dive into a book.

Tomorrow I will tackle the sewing project that I’ve put off all summer. Lola needs it for school.

I will continue to breath and pray.

I will read over and over all the comments the beautiful people in my life posted yesterday. All the words of love and encouragement. I will wrap them around me like a safety blanket.

I will take things as they come.

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