It’s my birthday, so indulge me

So today is my birthday and I’m feeling sentimental, sappy and very thankful. After an emotional/amazing weekend (I’ll post about that later), I focused on me today. It felt good.

So if you are turned off by cuteness. If lovey-dovey makes you run for the hills, then you might want to, um, click away. Perhaps to the hills.

Otherwise. Welcome.

Inspired by Jill’s two recent posts It’s Time To Get All Pollyanna Up In Here and Things That Make Me Happy…Cont’d, I’m sharing a bit of my day and the things that make me happy.

My sweet boy came in this morning with a big smile. He was so excited to give me my gift (a little hedgehog he knitted and wrapped himself):


Then after our Monday bacon, yum, we drove Cooper to school and headed to our friends house. My dear friend Christine made me this awesome water bottle (turtle, yes please!):


Lola and her buddy Drew took to the hammock:


Sweet Ollie made me laugh a hundred times, held my hand and created this in the sandbox:


Then I dropped my darling girl off at school and headed to the nail salon. Got some new shoes too:


Headed to school to pick up the kids and received all kinds of love from the beautiful mammas of Golden Valley. Even a card signed by all the kids in Coops class. Felt like a rock star.

Then pizza and sangria at Skipolini’s (if you haven’t been there, I’d HIGHLY recommend it). The food is pretty good:


And they have an outdoor playground, so I could just look at and talk to my man:


And sometimes she would visit:


Came home to flowers from my dad. And from my dear friends, this guy:


Husband is putting the kids to bed and then we are going to snuggle and watch a movie. So yeah. 36 is looking good my friends. Very good, indeed.

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