52 Photo Challenge: Week 4-Motion Blur

“Whatever it is you’re scared of doing, Do it. Make your mistakes, next year and forever.” -Neil Gaiman

Welcome back to the 52-week photo challenge. This week our assignment was to photograph motion blur, which was something I’d never attempted before. I was required to get more comfortable with using my camera in manual mode and to use a slow shutter speed. Mistakes were made. Lots of them.

While most of my photos were an epic failure, I did learn a lot. Next time I’ll need to buy or borrow a tripod and perhaps a flash. So many of these images are so close to being good but are blurred in places I don’t want them to be. Not quite there. I went out twice (once during the day and once at night) and these are the best images I was able to capture. While I love the one with my daughter, I think the one with the fire is the best example of motion blur. Let me know what you think.

Thanks as always for cheering me on and have a wonderful day!

Here are some bonus photos not using motion blur also taken this week:

  • Photos were taken with an Olympus OM-D and edited with ON1 Photo RAW
  • If you want to join the 52 Photo Challenge, you can find all the information at nicolesy.com.

74 thoughts on “52 Photo Challenge: Week 4-Motion Blur

  1. Love the one with the blacksmith. We watched a blacksmith work a couple of years ago at the fort on Dauphin Island, AL. Fascinating to watch. They’re all really wonderful photos. What I love best about cameras is the opportunity to see places we’ve never been. Pretty cool. PS have you started Julia Cameron’s newest book yet? I think I commented about that from my other blog- I still need to get the book. 🙂

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    • I was quite fascinated with the blacksmith, but super disappointed in all my photos of him. I couldn’t get the motion of the hammer without blurring the rest of the photo. Maybe next time.
      I have not started her book yet? I’m taking a writing class and just don’t have time at the moment. Maybe it will be a Spring project.


  2. Aww, your daughter is pretty! As well, those photographs hit! I love all of them due to their stories and appearances. They have a historical edge to them but also have a quality about them that would be amazing for painting.

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  3. The excellent photography. Wonderful place.
    All photos are so wonderful , I love one the your daughter & 🔥 I love the your 52 photo Challenge week four!!
    Thanks, Bridgette 🌹

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  4. These are all lovely photos, Bridgette. I love seeing pictures of your daughter, and the motion blur behind her is excellent. My other favourite photos are the fire with the sparks shooting off of it, and I couldn’t decide between the blacksmith photo and the train one as my second best one as they are both so good. As others have said, I love the quote you chose at the top of your post. I always so enjoy seeing your photography skills developing so well. Much love to you, Bridgette, and to your daughter, too. Xx 🤗💖

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    • Thank you so much, Ellie! I appreciate your kind words. My daughter is taking a photography class and so we get to do our shoots together! It’s been a lot of fun working side-by-side and then comparing our shots when we get home. I’m so lucky to have this time with her.

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      • I’m so glad your daughter has taken up photography, too. I’m sure she will learn a lot from you and it’s great that you are able to share,e this passion with each other. Like mother, like daughter, as they say. Have fun together. Xx 🌷💛

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  5. Beautiful photos. Love that photo of cute teenager with a nose ring. My Mongolian ancestors had nose ring, ear ring etc. (some are really big and exaggerated) which were laughed at by those who didn’t go through such piercing procedures. However, it is a form of expression…

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  6. I really enjoyed your blog post about “Everybody has a story.” It’s really important to share your personal stories and write about them from your own perspective. I appreciate that you took the time to explain what your blog is about and what your readers can expect. I also enjoyed the bonus photos that weren’t motion blurred in your post. I think they were an interesting addition and show that you’re creative and have a ton of ideas.

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