#100DayProject: Watercolors-Week 2

“The purest and most thoughtful minds are those which love color the most.”
― John Ruskin, The Stones of Venice

Welcome to the second week of my watercolor #100DayProject. After some experimentation, I’ve settled into a comfortable morning rhythm of painting and journaling. It occurred to me this week how both serve the same purpose—release and freedom. Both activities are about letting go, self-discovery, and seeing where it takes me. Taken in this context, it’s impossible to do it wrong. What a wonderful thought!

Things I’ve learned this week:

  • Stop painting before everything turns brown
  • Wet-on-wet is very enjoyable, but I need to go slower
  • Trying to copy other paintings can be frustrating
  • My emotional state affects the color scheme
  • I have no idea what I’m doing and it’s totally okay

I’m still trying too hard to control the paint. I ripped up and threw away two paintings this week and started over. The need to be perfect is still very present and I’m trying really hard to separate the work from any kind of judgment. I remain, as always, a work in progress. Thank you for following along on my journey and for all the wonderful comments I received last week.

Here are my offerings for Week 2:

lavender ladies
standing straight-backed and quite tall
do you ever fall?

swirling galaxy
locked within my busy mind
yearning to be free

what dark secrets hide
behind your bright red brick wall?
I want to see all

happy little sun
shining brightly down on me
do you see me try?

47 thoughts on “#100DayProject: Watercolors-Week 2

  1. Your paintings are so lovely! 🧡 I’m really enjoying reading the haikus that go along with them. ☺️ I love the happy little sun and its colors. the blush is so cute haha. ☀️ I hope you continue to have fun and be free while painting ! 🌷

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  2. All water colour arts are excellent. I like your project. Very nice your interest in art .
    Very interesting haiku write ✍️ you. I like., Bridgette.
    Third & fourth are very nice art.

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  3. Ooh, Bridgette, it’s so difficult to choose a favourite as they are all so beautiful. You are developing a lot of talent with painting considering how short a time you’ve been doing it. I love #1 because it reminds me of the french lavender my Mum grew in her garden. I can relate to #2 as that’s how I feel sometimes when I feel stuck in the middle of emotions and trying to break free. #3 – The bricks are wonderful. Your painting is so realistic – I could almost reach out and touch the wall. Amazing. And #4 because I love the colours of the sun and its rays and rosy cheeks. So, if I had to choose a real favourite – well, I wouldn’t be able to – they are all so good, as are your haikus. I can’t wait to see next week’s photos.

    How are you getting on with editing your short story? I’m so looking forward to reading that, too. Xx 💐💖

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    • You are always so kind in your comments, Ellie. I’m so glad you found something in each of my paintings to enjoy. I’m having the most fun playing with these little works of art. I’m thinking I must make them into postcards and mail them out at some point.

      I’m happy to report I finished my short story and published it today! It’s very long. Too long, really. But I needed to get the entire story out and I’m ready to move onto the next project.

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  4. So, when I do watercolors, I just try to journal it so I won’t give myself a panic attack or you can just do color studies and limited palettes.☺️

    Anyway, you’re so skilled at what you do.

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    • I’ve no real artistic skills, but this project is about getting out of my head and being willing to try and think differently. My hope is these experiments will bleed over into my writing.


  5. These are so pretty! You are not terrible by the way. The galaxy shows some great blending skills!
    I’m going to keep saying this so get used to it…there is no such thing as bad art. Art is a learned skill and you have to be patient with yourself. I started my art blog for this very reason. So I could learn and grow with practice. 🙂

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