52 Photo Challenge: Week 9-Patterns

“Humans are pattern-seeking story-telling animals, and we are quite adept at telling stories about patterns, whether they exist or not.” ―Michael Shermer

This week my assignment for the 52-week photo challenge was to capture something with patterns. I returned to the beautiful High-Hand Nursery in Loomis and had a wonderful time with my daughter looking for ways to explore the prompt. For the first time in weeks, I’m happy with how my images turned out.

I needed this win because I’ve been stuck in my writing. My old friend Imposter Syndrome has taken up residence near my laptop and he’s telling me all kinds of nonsense. The market is too saturated. You aren’t good enough. Dreams are for young people with natural talent. You are working this hard for nothing. He’s gotten into my head again, but I pushed through yesterday and almost completed the short story I’ve been stuck on. It’s not my best work, but I’ve spent far too long on it and I’m going to publish it in the next few days and move forward.

I’ve got a new poetry idea I’m really excited about, a series of poems actually, and I’ll be sharing more about this project later in the week. Thank you to everyone who supports me and my work here. I was very close to quitting last week, but your comments have kept me going. I’ll push through, I’ve got a lot more work to do.

Let me know which shot you think best uses the concept of patterns and which is your favorite. Have a wonderful week!











  • Photos were taken with an Olympus OM-D and edited with ON1 Photo RAW
  • If you want to join the 52 Photo Challenge, you can find all the information at nicolesy.com

52 Photo Challenge
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Week 2: Silhouette
Week 3: Black and White
Week 4: Motion Blur
Week 5: Texture
Week 6: Framing
Week 7: Leading Lines
Week 8: Negative Space

88 thoughts on “52 Photo Challenge: Week 9-Patterns

  1. They’re all beautifully executed. I particularly love #6 as it evokes serenity for me. I’m a pluviophile and it reminds me of rainfall on a hot summer afternoon.

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  2. Dearest Bridgette, I’m so pleased that Mr Imposter Syndrome didn’t win over today and that you have managed to work on your short story and also your poetry series, which I can’t wait to read. Imposter Syndrome is so difficult to deal with and for us to get past its hurtful words. You are, honestly, one of my favourite writers, and you have an enormous wealth of talent, which comes across in your work so well. You have no need to doubt yourself, my friend, 🥰.

    I love all your photos this week. I love patterns, too. They are all so good; it was difficult to choose my favourites. #3 is delightful – I really like the blue/purple colour of the flower (it looks like another type of clover, but then, botany isn’t my greatest skill!) I also adore #9 for its detail- how every tiny hair on the seed pod is crystal clear in your photo. And last but not least, I love the basketweave pattern. It reminds me of sisal, or is it something different? When I was a child, I remember my aunt Judy having her whole house laid with sisal matting. It wasn’t very comfortable to sit on, though, but it looked very attractive.

    So looking forward to reading your next piece, whatever you decide to publish next. Hugs 🤗 and love 💓 to you and your daughter. Xx 💖💞💝

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    • One of your favorite writers? You’ve seriously made my day, Ellie! That old Imposter Syndrome needs to quiet down for sure.

      I’m not sure what flower #3 is, but I simply loved the shapes and that beautiful pale purple color. I’m glad you like number #9 as well. I really liked that one too. I’m not sure I’ve heard of a sisal, but I’m glad that picture sparked that memory for you. That doesn’t sound comfy at all!

      Thanks for the hugs and love. I finished my story today! I’ll probably post it tomorrow ❤️

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      • I understand totally about Imposter Syndrome sitting on our shoulders, telling us we are no good. I get it a lot. Every time I write something and go to press the Publish button, my Imposter Syndrome shouts in my ear, this is rubbish; you can’t possibly publish this. It takes a great deal of courage for me (and you) to tell that imposter’s voice to be quiet and leave me be.

        I’m so glad you managed to finish your story – I’m really looking forward to reading it. Stay well, my friend. Xx 💝

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      • I used to feel like I might throw up when I hit publish, but it has gotten easier. I tell myself—what’s the worst that could happen? People don’t like it. Okay. Then what? They like other stuff and you are always a work in progress.

        I’m going to edit the story and probably publish it tomorrow. I hope you like it! Thank you for understanding and for your continued support.🥰

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  3. Wonderful vibrant snapshots, Bridgette, especially the fine clarity on 5, 6 and 10! 🙂 Imposter syndrome’s such a creative blocker at the worst times – hope these help you push through it!<3

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  4. don’t listen to your old ‘friend’ Imposter Syndrome; it is no friend of yours; unfriend it, give it the sack; your poetry rocks; these photos too: #4 is my fave: they look like two harlequin faces ready to come on stage —

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  5. It is very difficult to select a favorite, Bridgette. A stunning collection. I love the delicate purple flower. Your capture beautifully highlights the variations in color. I hope this “win” inspires your writing!

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  6. 1. is my favorite picture.
    2. is the best for pattern because it is a leaf that looks like scales, it is incredible.

    You are incredible. Your writing is brilliant, your pictures are stunning, and you aren’t wasting time, you are taking time for yourself to explore something you enjoy. Punch imposter syndrome in the face. I hope you jumped on the bus without him in the story of your life.

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    • I love #1 as well—those waterdrops made it for me. Yes, #2 reminded me so much of a reptile and really does show a clear pattern.

      Thank you for the kind words, Nicole. I really try and get on the bus and leave him behind, but he finds ways to reach me again and again. This time, I think it had more to do with possible success (publishing my 52 short stories and having a book launch party at my favorite indie bookstore). He got wind of this possibility and decided to show up and remind me that nobody will come and that it will be a colossal waste of everyone’s time and energy. He’s wrong. My family and friends will come and I’ll feel so darn proud, but he got in my head and made writing the last two weeks nearly impossible. Ugh.

      Good news—I finished the story yesterday and I’m going to edit it today and move forward. I’ve got a bunch of new ideas brewing and he seems to have gone on vacation 🙂

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    • Thank you, Rosaliene! Yes, those leaves are so beautiful—a leaf painted upon a leaf. The essense of poetry. I appreciate your kind words about my story. For some reason it was a hard one, but I’ve pushed through and I’m putting all it behind me now.

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  7. Writing has completely dried up for me since Thrill Ride. 😦 I’ve been busy a lot, and when I have had time to write, I’ve just wanted to sit around and do nothing and be mindless. And when I do start again, I don’t know if I’m going to keep it up weekly. I’m going to try not to let that get to me. I don’t want writing to turn into something stressful.

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  8. Loving #4!
    About your story, Bridgette. Sometimes I just have to put a story aside for a while, maybe a couple of days, and return to it with fresh eyes. I’m sure you’ve done that yourself; struggling over a write can be so frustrating and unrewarding. Good luck!

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    • Thanks! I’m so glad you liked those beautiful leaves. I was quite taken with them.

      Yes, I’ve left this story off and on for a few weeks now. It all started when the bookstore I visit frequently said they want to help me get published and support me. This brought with it a spiraling of fear and the story got wrapped up in it—encased. I needed to push through and finish it as it came to symbolize a stumbling block, and I’m happy to report I finished it yesterday. It’s not my best work, but it was necessary to move on. Thank you for supporting me and getting it.

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  9. Just one???? I always try to imagine your photos on a wall in my house. It’s easier to choose that way. But today was a challenge. I love so many of them! I am torn between number 1 (simply stunning) and number 10 (LOVE the texture!). And oh, it helps me, somehow, to hear I am not the only one who suffers from imposter syndrome… thank you for saying the words, Bridgette. It helps me see past my own insecurities. I’ve been away for awhile but am back and looking forward to reading the story you’ve been working on…xo 💕

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  10. Great eye! The biggest liar you’ll ever meet, is the one from within. Even when we recognize it for what it is, it’s difficult to ignore. The thing that keeps you coming back – is your truth!

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  11. Oh, so beautiful. My fav is the pink one with the water droplets… just because, but they’re all wonderful. And put that Syndrome in a jar and leave it outside the back door. Ugh. Great to hear that you’re writing. Keep it up!

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  12. I’m really prejudiced about pattern shots, so take this with a grain of salt (a big one). Pretty much everything in life is a pattern: humans, mountain ranges, flowers. To me, therefore, “pattern shot” means a photo showing a simple geometry. This prejudice makes me like your banner photo of the metal grid the best, and #10, #6, #2, and #1 in a descending order. I especially like the shallow depth of field in #6–it gives movement to the photo.

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    • Yes! Everything in life is a pattern and I found this the easiest assignment so far. I was looking for geometry in my shots and I’m glad you are able to see that in the images I selected for the week. I found it a bit difficult to separate the concept of texture from the pattern and found the shots I liked best had really good texture as well. I’m glad you liked #6—it’s one of my favorites.


  13. #6 Easy to find patterns in nature though you showcase them well. And, concerning your insecurities as a writer, you may well not succeed in the accepted sense. The world is awash with writing, never mind the advent of AI. It’s very difficult to find the odd jewel amidst the mediocrity and I learnt long ago that I should just write for pleasure. However I have been immediately drawn to your creative writing which is of an unremittingly high standard. I think any agent or publisher that wished to work with you would never regret it.

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    • Roy, you made my day with your comment. I’ve only recently admitted to myself how much I want to be published and it’s encouraging words like these that help me keep pushing through and working harder to get better. I only hope an agent or publisher will take a chance on me someday. ❤️


  14. Sorry I missed the post.
    Now I can read & saw photos.
    What lovely all photos.
    We love enjoy what you write, keep doing that. Can’t choose one causes all of theses are the best. I like colour the first. And like #4, Bridgette 🌹

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