52 Photo Challenge: Week 5-Texture

“When I was a kid I believed everything I was told, everything I read, and every dispatch sent out by my own overheated imagination. This made for more than a few sleepless nights, but it also filled the world I lived in with colors and textures I would not have traded for a lifetime of restful nights.”
― Stephen King

Welcome back to the 52-week photo challenge. This week our assignment was to capture texture, which is something I naturally look for when taking photos. My daughter and I visited a park near our house and the sun was really too bright. While I got a variety of shots, I was ultimately disappointed with my offerings. The colors were either over-exposed or simply too bright. The images below are the ones I could salvage and edit.

I can only share one photo with the challenge group. I’m leaning toward either the lichen or the oily water shot. Which photo do you think best illustrates texture? Thanks as always for cheering me on and have a wonderful week.

NOTE: To my regular followers, life has been a bit on the stressful side lately. As a result, you may see me posting two posts a week for a while instead of three. Thank you for your love and understanding.

  • Photos were taken with an Olympus OM-D and edited with ON1 Photo RAW
  • If you want to join the 52 Photo Challenge, you can find all the information at nicolesy.com.

94 thoughts on “52 Photo Challenge: Week 5-Texture

  1. That’s completely fine! Take your time, we just want to know if you’re okay.


    My favorite one is the duck. I LOVE ducks and birds. I need to practice drawing them but I love them. The rest of them are amazing. 🤩

    I won’t post it online, but can I use one as a reference to draw? They look so pretty and I love all the compositions.

    As well with the quote. I don’t think I have the same genetics as Steven King to be up all night (it’s not healthy with the medical stuff in this climate)—but I agree with the quote none of the less and admire it even though I’ve never opened a single book by Steven King.😁

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  2. I love all of the images, but between the lichen and the oily water, the lichen to me shows more texture…it makes me want to reach out and pet it, feeling the contrast between the soft, cool growth, and the cold hard rock where it grows. 💞

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    • Thanks, Nicole. Yes, I’m always too hard on myself. I was just journaling about how pervasive and tricky my imposter syndrome voice can get-this morning it told me that people only say they like my writing/photography because they don’t want to hurt my feelings and that I’m too dim to see the truth of my work. Ugh.

      Continuing to push past perfectionism and negative self talk is hard. It’s a daily struggle sometimes, and I know you understand because you have been writing a lot about it. Hearing your struggles helps me feel less alone.

      Thanks for your support and kindness. I’m glad you loved these images.


    • Thank you so much, Tom! Isn’t that dog the cutest? He came rushing at me through a hole in the fence, but when I got close he ran back in his yard. We are still working on getting my daughter healthy. It’s an up and down thing. I appreciate your kindness.

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  3. Hi. I like the lichen, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE the oil one because its textures have a depth that sort of trick the eye. Instead of just thinking, ‘there’s some oil’ I actually thought yes oil, but it mimics other things like frosting being spread or even soup when the ladle is pushed around. Very cool.

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  4. Since you asked: I think the leaves juxtaposed are super. I thought the top one was a feather for an instant. I like the patterns of the pine needles (?) at the top of the blog post. The oily patterns one you mentioned is good, but my sense of balance is put off by the way they interact with the overlaid branches.

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  5. I think your lowest camera ISO setting is 200. I know it will go down to 64 but that’s software and not true ISO and an ISO or 64 or 100 can cause artifacts. So here are a couple tips. Increase you shutter speed. A lot! Create your own diffusion. Carry a blank piece of white paper for days that are super bright. Allow the paper to create a its own diffused shadow and its own light diffusion. You may have to crop your photo in post when editing though. Try keeping light off the lens of your camera. Lens hoods are almost always a good idea. I shoot canon myself. I’m in love with a 50mm lens because it mimics our natural eye. They are great for textures. Create a shadow and shoot in the shadow. Usually not a good idea for shooting textures. Lastly use smaller glass in super bright environments or extremely bright subjects such as neon signs. The large the lens the more light it will capture. I hope these help. Oh one more thing. Be careful over saturating your pictures.

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      • If you wanna have some real fun? Night photography in a downtown urban area. You’ll need big glass. Find neon. But don’t shoot it. Instead find a subject. Like a woman passing by and have them stand next to it and use the light from the sign as a contrast on their face. You’ll be really surprised at the coolness factor of the images you just took. Just be safe doing it. That’s just for fun as I know you are prompted for your photos for the challenge.

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  6. I love all your photos, Bridgette, but if I had to choose one, I couldn’t, as I can’t decide between three. Firstly, out of the two photos you mentioned, I love the lichen. I had to look hard to see if it was growing on a stone, rock, or tree trunk. I can almost feel the soft fuzziness of the lichen. I have a tree near me; it’s a Black Poplar, quite unusual in my area. I visit it sometimes and always admire the lichen growing on the bark. Your rock is equally as beautiful. My second choice is the beautiful rose. It’s a great shot, a crystal clear flower, which reminds me of the white roses in my Mum’s garden. She loved her roses. I sense the rose in your photo has the most exquisite perfume. Finally, like many others here, I love the creek – I love the way the stream meanders through the grassy banks. I can almost feel that grass and the water look so inviting. I would love to dip my toes into it.

    Thank you for your email last night, my friend. I will reply to it later today. In the meantime, I’m sending you and your daughter so much love, and comforting, healing hugs Xxx 💖🤗💝

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    • Your comment has made me smile so big! I’m thrilled my images can bring forth such vivid and beautiful memories. Thank you for sharing those me with me and for your loving support. I’m so lucky to know you ❤️

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  7. Love the frist paragraph. I much like. So interested written.
    All are lovely. Creek really stand out for me. Excellent photography.
    I love your capture, Bridgette!

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    • The rocky stream isn’t normally there at all, but is overflow from a nearby duck pond that’s swollen from all the recent storms. It’s my new favorite thing and I wonder if all the water will produce an abundance of wildflowers in the same meadow.

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