Photography: Stormy Downtown Sacramento

“The night is darkening round me
The wild winds coldly blow
But a tyrant spell has bound me 
And I cannot cannot go”
-Emily Brontë, The Night is Darkening Round Me

To say I’ve fallen in love with photography is an understatement. Not only do I love it, but I get giddy with excitement when I see something interesting I might be able to play with. It’s an adventure every single time I grab my camera and head outside.

This week I took photographs during a rainstorm in downtown Sacramento. It was filled with challenges—navigating fallen branches, stepping in puddles, looking for a safe place to park, and getting soaked. However, it’s totally worth every second for the thrill of downloading the images and seeing what I got. It’s like Christmas every single time. Magic.

While some of my images are blurry from raindrops, and others are far too dark, I liked the overall feel of my images. I spent a fair amount of time today editing them—experimenting with contrast and exposure to give them each a slightly different feeling. I’m still a novice in every sense of the word, but I adore the process of learning.

I hope you enjoy this walk through the rainy city.

Here’s a bonus photo with a little color. The red was from the reflection of my brake lights as I pulled over to snap a picture of a puddle.

  • Photos were taken with an Olympus OM-D and edited with ON1 Photo RAW

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54 thoughts on “Photography: Stormy Downtown Sacramento

  1. Lovely black &withe photography. Excellent capture. Amazing write up words in.
    Wonderful capture the frist picture for birds sitting on the tree. I like, Bridgette 🌷!

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  2. Great pictures, Bridgette! We’re enjoying your journey too! For me the last picture is special as your photographers eye spotted the colours in the puddles; eyes wide open. 🌹🌹🙋‍♂️

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    • Thank you, Ashley! It’s been so much fun. I’ve always been a “would you look at that” person-now I have an outlet for capturing some of the things I find so beautiful and fascinating.


  3. very atmospheric. I’m pretty sure (unless my memory is as dreadful as my wife suggests) that I saw a delightful sculpture tribute to Charles Schultz in Sacramento when we visited a few years ago? I know we also went to the museum in Santa Rosa… It was one hot day, unlike the rain you’re getting there…

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    • Thank you. Yes, if you came in the summer it’s usually pretty miserably hot. I don’t know of a Schultz sculpture in Sacramento, but I don’t know a lot of things! I’ve always wanted to travel to the museum in Santa Rosa but haven’t made it yet. Did you enjoy it?


  4. Gorgeous photos, Bridgette. They really showcase the rainy weather so well. I was interested in the photo of the big wheel, if that’s what it is. Is it part of a fair or festival, or is it a landmark – a bit like our London Eye? I’m intrigued. I think my favourite photo is simply the chain link fence – the stark but precise lines of black against white. All your photos are very effective. You’re a great photographer as well as a great writer. Xx 😘

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    • I’m so glad you enjoyed my rainy day photos, Ellie. The ferris wheel isn’t something so grand as the London Eye, but rather a small traveling one currently located downtown near the river. I spent one afternoon in London a few years ago but I yearn to explore your city. So many of my favorite stories take place on the streets of London.

      I too love the simplicity of the chain link fence. Sometimes beauty can be found in the smallest of actions and in the most unlikely of places.

      Thank you for your kind words. I’m working hard at being better at photography and writing—something I’m sure I’ll be doing the rest of my life. Have a wonderful day!

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      • I wondered whether the ferris wheel belonged to a travelling fair. I haven’t been to London since I lost my Mum six years ago. I grew up there, though, and only left the City to move to my current house in Essex, when I got married at nineteen. I had my two children, who are now grown-up with their own children and hope to stay in this house until I’m old and grey (well, I am a bit grey now!) My ex left when my children were five and three, so I’ve lived alone for a long time, but I like it that way. My home is my safe space and where I feel comfortable. I wonder if you’ll come back to visit London again in the future. I hope you do. I’m sure you’ll see a lot of changes now. London changes all the time. Hope you have a lovely weekend. Xx 🌺💕

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      • I’ve heard Essex is lovely as well! I’m glad you’ve been able to stay in the same home for so long and that it’s such a comfotable cozy place. We’ve lived in our home for 20 years and although I’ve hated it at times (mostly when I’m in a phase of comparing myself to others), I’ve grown to love every nook and cranny. I have a dream of spending a year in Europe, including a fair amount of time in London, writing and photographing whatever calls to me. Hoping I can make it happen sometime in my life!

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  5. Wow, love black and white photographs, always. And love trains and railways too. I mean is that real? The railway winds its way between the street lights and the river. It is so cool. You are better than And the last one is really interesting too as if it has some special effect to add a little bit of color to black and white rain puddles. Wish you have some great weather in coming days…

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    • What a wonderful compliment. Thank you! Yes, that train track is real, although I don’t think it’s in use anymore. The color of the rain puddle is from my brake lights 🙂 It’s storming still. I’ll probably be posting more rain photos this week 🙂


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