Poetry: Strawberry Tree

You’ve lived nestled along
our side fence—undiscovered
until now. Touching your
water-soaked trumpet flowers
I marvel at how

perfect you are. Why
didn’t I see your
blushing bright cardinal-red 
berries as more than
background noise? How could

I miss your intoxicating
honey-rich smell? Ancient
Rome called you good
luck charms, could you
be what I’ve searched

for—an answer disguised
as hidden treats plopped
into my aching hungry 
mouth? Gritty, muted treasures—
arbutus gems. Help me



43 thoughts on “Poetry: Strawberry Tree

    • Nope! They look a lot like them, but taste very different. When my kids were little they tried to eat them, but for some reason I assumed they were poisonous. After a fellow blogger asked me what the plant is called (after I posted a photo a few weeks ago) I looked it up and discovered it’s called a Strawberry Tree and the berries are used around the world in jams. In Portugal they make a fruit brandy out of them. It’s amazing the things we miss when we truly don’t see what’s right in front of us.

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  1. A beautiful poem, Bridgette. It’s amazing what we miss when things are right under our noses like this strawberry tree tucked away by the fence. The fruits look a bit like strawberries, except they are more rounded. I hope the jam is tasty when you make it. Much love to you, my friend Xx 💝

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    • Thank you, Ellie. It really is amazing how we can walk by the same thing every day but miss the realness of it. How we can get so used to pain that it takes someone else looking at us for the truth to be realized—we don’t have to feel bad anymore. I’m thinking of you a lot right now dearest, Ellie. I know this is a very hard time in your life. I’m sending you an enormous bear hug from across the ocean. I hope you feel it 🙂

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      • Oh, thank you so much for thinking about me, Bridgette, and so much, too, for the much-needed bear hug. I can’t tell you how much that means to me. I can definitely feel it. You are such a kind soul, my friend. Sending love your way. Xx 💝

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    • They are honestly a bit gritty—sort of like a pear texture, and not very sweet. We baked them into banana bread and they added an interesting complimentary taste. I hope to harvest them a bit earlier next year and have enough to do jam—the birds ate a lot of them when I discovered they are edible.

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  2. My dad has two strawberry trees in his garden! It is one of my favorite fruits to eat. I think he told me that these trees originated from Asia. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful poem about them and bringing back some wonderful memories 🥰

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  3. Even better on a second re-read, Bridgette – great poignant piece on the little everyday treasures that we let slip by unnoticed, especially when they’re so close to home. Beautiful descriptions! 🙂

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