Photography: Small Town Faire

One of my dear friends sold handmade hair bows at the Rio Linda/Elverta Country Faire on Saturday and I decided it was a good excuse to visit the small town where I went to high school. It felt nostalgic to drive by my old stomping grounds and I ended up running into several people I knew.

While it’s a town of about 15,000, it’s kept a close connection to its rural roots and many parts of the city remain unchanged. Chances are if you’ve heard of Rio Linda it’s probably because of its frequent flooding or because conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh likes to poke fun at the intelligence of the town by saying “for those of you in Rio Linda.”

While I’m not great at taking photos of crowds, I wanted to challenge myself to capture the feeling of the event through my photography. Nearly all the crowd shots, unfortunately, didn’t turn out as I’d have liked. I found myself once again drawn upward to the sky and the trees. Nonetheless, I hope you enjoy these selections and have a great week.

Bonus photos: The heatwave finally broke and we got some much-needed rain. I couldn’t resist taking a few photos of raindrops in my yard this morning.

  • Photos were taken with an Olympus OM-D and edited with ON1 Photo RAW

Here’s a photo of me and my husband when we were in high school. I’m wearing my Rio Linda marching band uniform. Aren’t we the cutest?

What to see more?

26 thoughts on “Photography: Small Town Faire

  1. I’m from the Sacramento area and had a friend who attended Rio Linda High School! (Class of ’74, we’re so old our yearbooks aren’t even in the libraries anymore.) I still love rural Sac County, even though people from the Bay Area disparage the “ugly” dry yellow flatlands and “miserable summer heat.” I think about my grandmother’s strawberry farm and the smell of dust and old oaks in the sun, and the sound of cicadas as the sun started to set. I’m glad you got to visit your old hometown, and glad you didn’t melt in the heat!

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    • Thanks for sharing those beautiful memories with me. Yes, there are some beautiful parts of rural Sacramento. Some of my fondest childhood memories are rising my horse along the rice fields and seeing the white cranes take flight when we’d approach. There’s truly beauty everywhere.


  2. I love your photos, Bridgette. That’s an adorable photo of you and your husband at High School. I also particularly like the picture of the bottles and the dancers. I love how your camera (with your skill) captures the raindrops on the leaves and flowers so well. I’m intrigued to know what that little creature sitting on the leaf is in your last photo. I’m not familiar with it and wondered what it was called. Xx

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    • Thanks Ellie for always brightening my day with your kind comments. It’s a type of moth I think. I was surprised by the details the camera caught as I couldn’t see how furry and interesting it was until I looked at the photo.

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