Poetry: Nostalgia

I’m not sure what the snails
thought when you gathered them in
your tiny hands and raced them
across the slick glass back door

maybe they liked the chalk rainbow
you’d drawn as a finish line  
or how you happily cheered each 
one saying, “you can do it!”

or maybe they were terrified they’d 
suffer a fatal fall but kept 
going anyway because your belief in
them was greater than their fear

whatever they thought all those years
ago in our tiny wild backyard
the echoes of your joyful voice
still manages to make me smile

34 thoughts on “Poetry: Nostalgia

  1. Beautiful poem, and what sweet and lovely memories, Bridgette. I could almost see the race, inch by inch. My children never raced snails, although I expect my grandchildren would love to. When I was young, I’d watch the raindrops running each other down the window pane instead. It was still fun and comes back into my mind every now and then. I’m still that child at heart. Xx 🦢🌷

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  2. “or maybe they were terrified they’d
    suffer a fatal fall but kept
    going anyway because your belief in
    them was greater than their fear”

    This was a deep sentiment among a playful, light poem. It reminds me of how hard it may be sometimes to have a support system. I enjoyed your poem!

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    • Thank you for seeing that. I wanted it to be a bit of a message to my son who is now a gangly 17-year-old who sometimes forgets how much his mom still believes in him. It’s so much harder to parent teens. I feel like one foot is in the past and the other on the edge of a cliff…


      • Absolutely. It is art!

        I’m sorry I can’t offer a similar experience. I’m a 22 year old myself with no kids. I mean, my dogs can be stubborn sometimes. 😂

        I can offer my experience as a teen— it’s a season of discovery about yourself and the world that surrounds you. It can be exhausting and scary. I know I just needed someone that would stay nearby, always free of judgement and pressure, while full of love and acceptance. My mom was that for me and it helped. I’m sure you’re doing great!

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      • You have no idea how much your comment means to me. Thank you!! I just took a look at your blog and it looks like your starting out. I’m very intrigued by your story and I’m looking forward to reading more by you. Healing religious wounds is something I write a bit about too and can relate to.

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      • Wow, I’m so happy I commented on yours, then. I’m glad it could make you feel good, and we could find something in common. I am just starting out. I used to be a Christian blogger a few years ago! Now it’s deconstruction. 🙂

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