Photography: Feijoa Jam

We lived in our house for many years before discovering the fruit of the feijoa tree in the far right corner. I always appreciated its interesting pink and red flowers, but it wasn’t until my young son picked one of the fruits off the ground and took a bite I got really interested.

It’s a South American fruit, also known as a guavasteen or pineapple guava, and it’s got a mild and interesting flavor. The last few years I’ve harvested them and made them into muffins, but this year I decided to make jam to give away as Christmas presents.

If you are interested, the recipe I used is from a wonderful blog called The Fabulous Feijoa. You can also learn more about the history of the fruit in California and the world.

  • Photos were taken with an Olympus OM-D and edited with ON1 Photo RAW

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53 thoughts on “Photography: Feijoa Jam

    • On the blog I linked to above they go into the history of the fruit in CA, which is really interesting. The farmer who brought it here thought it would be the next big thing but it never caught on. It’s a shame too because it’s quite delicious.

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  1. What an interesting-looking fruit, Bridgette. It reminds me a little bit of the inside of a fresh fig for some reason. I’ve not heard of this before. What does it taste like? What a great idea to make jam with these fruits as Christmas gifts. I’m sure they will be appreciated by whoever you are going to give them to.

    I think of you often and wonder how you and your daughter are. I hope things aren’t too difficult for you both. Love Ellie Xx 💜🌷💛

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    • You are so right, Ellie! It’s a lot like a fig. I’d say it takes far more tropical though and it as a fairly strong aroma. Think pineapple fig. It’s delicate and lovely!

      Things with my daughter continue to be a struggle. Thank you for your love. I appreciate it so much.

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  2. That photography is breathtaking. Especially the first photo. It has a nice silhouette but it makes the sky look pretty. As well, I like the picture of toast. Makes me sooo hungry.

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  3. I’ve never heard of this tree or fruit, Bridgette. My family has always done Christmas baking, but someday I’d love to try making jam. The muffins sound delicious, but it’s great that you tried something new. Wonderful photos, and thanks for sharing! I learned something new. 🙂

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