poetry: comfort


warm sunlight trapped
in golden stalks
sits so pretty
within pottered glass.
bright cinnamon dances 
honeyed by walnuts.
it smells like
sprinkled brown sugar
tiny silver spoons
chubby neck rolls
wooden high chairs.
bring me wholeness—
blue sky comfort
thick sweet memory.

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47 thoughts on “poetry: comfort

  1. Delicious little piece on good comfort food 😀 Loved your yummy descriptions of it – especially ‘bright cinnamon dances / honeyed by walnuts’. Beautifully penned, Bridgette! ❤ Hope you have a fab weekend.

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  2. Delicious recipe & nice breakfast recommend written in poetry.
    “bright cinnamon dances
    honeyed by walnuts.
    it smells like
    sprinkled brown sugar”
    It’s very nice lines. I like. You share in your’s memories, Bridgette!

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    • It’s quite good! I’m a huge fan of comfort food—millet, oatmeal, fresh baked bread, strawberries and cream. Sometimes you need those things to get through the hard stuff.


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