I need a little Disney

So, if you’ve been around me for two minutes or read my blog, you know I’ve been battling the forces of darkness and not always getting the upper hand. It’s a crappy reality. But I just had a revelation. I need Mickey Mouse!!

OK. I know that’s a silly statement. Ridiculous, you might say. But, so what? It’s the truth. I need a trip to Disneyland. Like stat.

Our finances don’t make it possible, so… guess, what? I’m going to take a little trip, right here, to the happiest place on earth and I’m going be happy. You got that. Happy!!!

I want you to come, so let’s go.

I have this enor’mouse’ (hehe) bus that I’ve rented just for the occasion. We can all fit. There is this magic partition that allows all the adults to be on one side and all the kids on the other. Genius.

There are special “mamma” drinks for us girls and we spend the entire trip talking about silly things and giggling. Lots and lots of giggling. The husbands drink beer and talk about how adorable and cute all the wives are. We don’t even hear the kids. They are happily singing and eating organic snacks and being perfect. PERFECT.

So we get there in no time at all. “Wow,” we all say, “that was fast.”

We check into the hotel and they treat us like royalty. We have our own private floor with a personal chef, an entire playroom for the kids (including trampolines and every toy they can imagine). Oh, and the room is filled with new clothes for all, lots of chocolate and fun “adult” drinks. Yep.

We have a fun “restful” evening and then are ready to hit the park the next day. Everyone gets up happy and nobody is tired. Not even a little. We all get dressed in our cutesy matching t-shirts (because that would be cool, right?)

The park opens early, just for us. All the kids are feeling brave, excited and not the least bit whiny. We head first to Pirates of the Caribbean, because I love that ride. Everyone agrees that is where to start. On the way we pass and get our pictures taken with every character the kids wanted to see. Happy smiles all around.

The ride is awesome. Like always. We exit singing, “Yo, Ho, Yo, Ho, A Pirate’s Life for Me” at the top of our lungs. The kids ask US what we want to do next. Nobody argues. We head to Space Mountain and EVERYONE is tall enough, brave enough and there is NO line. We scream and laugh.

The day continues, one ride after the next with so much fun and excitement. Peter Pan. It’s a Small World. Thunder Mountain. Haunted House. Splash Mountain. The fun just keeps going. Nobody gets tired.

We eat delicious, healthy food and everyone loves it.

The kids keep giving us hugs and kisses and saying things like “you are the best mom” and “thank you.”

At the end of the day we watch a private fireworks show in front of the castle. All the characters arrive and we dance and sing with them long into the night.

Tinker Bell gives me a ride on her flying wire. Mary Poppins and I sing a duet of “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.” Prince Charming and I dance under the stars (making my husband a little jealous). Goofy and I hang out, just because. The kids run amok and end up eating fistfuls of honey with Winnie Pooh and bouncing around with Tigger.

Starting to feel sleepy we get a comfortable carriage ride back to our suite. The kids instantly, and blissfully, drift off to sleep with big smiles on their faces.

I sit outside on the balcony and it’s a full moon. My husband and I are alone and he professes his love so ridiculously that I giggle. Then we drift off to sleep in a huge bed and sleep as long as we want.

Ahh…that was fun.

Think I might do that again soon. Want to join me again? Maybe we will take a cruise next time, or travel to Europe. My treat.


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