Poetry: Stillness

silent cypress crouches
philosophic fern leers
kingly chrysalis sways

intake, inside, evolve

joyful wild whispers 
dancing damp locks
freckled face freedom

After spending the weekend surrounded by messages of peace and love, I traveled to the lush coolness of the Oregon coast. I spent the morning whale watching on a boat with my daughter. The world seems to be whispering to me to be still and observe. I’m listening.

45 thoughts on “Poetry: Stillness

      • It’s good to be back… Character-Greg did end up applying to those summer research programs that Dr. Thomas told him about, and he chose one in Oregon because it was the closer of the two he was accepted to, and he has relatives not too far away (although they won’t show up until mid-July). He’ll be there for eight weeks, then back to Plumdale for two weeks in late August, then back to Jeromeville to finish moving out of the apartment and into the new house for senior year.

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