Poetry: If you…

go where wide oak leaves fall
further than crows doth call
further still behind the wall
where shadows are so very small

you’ll reach a darkened little cove
deep inside an ancient grove
richly scented—cinnamon and clove
where moonlight threads are tightly wove

ignore raven’s sharp cry of nevermore
and search forest’s littered floor 
where muted colors dance galore
until you find nature’s hidden door

my dear child, don’t you fear
whispered voices you may hear
or tiny steps coming near
the fabled weefolk will not interfere

don’t be tempted to knock—rat-a-tat-tat
nothing good comes of that
—instead beside the welcome mat
you’ll find the perfect acorn hat

take it darling in your hand
running fast across the land
for now, you fully understand
Autumn’s magic is yours to command

This was inspired by a wonderful morning exploring the woods and collecting acorns with my dearest nephew. I think I’ll always be searching for fairy doors.

85 thoughts on “Poetry: If you…

  1. Ahhh the perfect poem for little darlings to take in all the wonderment of the season. I remember Nikolai’s first awareness of autumn. He kept asking questions about why the trees were dying and how sad it made him. I had to explain it and I took him into the woods to hunt for pretty treasures. It helped 🥰

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  2. This is such a beautiful poem, Bridgette. Perfectly captivating. I felt like I was there with you and your young nephew, making all these discoveries along the way. I love the lines, “—instead, beside the welcome mat,
    you’ll find the perfect acorn hat.” This stirred wonderful memories of when I took my two children down by the trees and river to collect acorns and conkers. Thank you for sharing this lovely experience … Ellie Xx 🍄💞

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  3. The sensory details (description of the feelings, scents, sights, sounds, etc.) associated with autumn were what got my attention. I also like how you slipped the Fae into the poem. I don’t know if they were meant to be metaphorical or not, but in any case, I can always appreciate a reference to the Fae. Altogether: well done, very well done.

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  4. I really like this one, the way you interwove innocence and fairy and nature while also honoring the dark of Poe. It brought a beautiful contrast of images, from dark to light, and made me think not only of Autumn, but of the growth of children; through light and dark and transition.

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  5. I’m about to head off camping this next morning! This was so beautiful and makes me even more excited to be spending time in nature. Well written!!! ❤️❤️❤️

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  6. ..deep inside an ancient grove
    Richly scented cinnamon and glove

    In awe of these beautiful beautiful lines and they’re making me smile so much. That’s the magic of your write-up and poetry as a whole maybe. Loved it genuinely. ♡

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