Poetry: Dolphins in the Green

within this wild cacophony of silence
sit the words we don’t say anymore
scattered wispy threads of dead conversations
tucked into seat cushions and under rugs

watching with its tranquil virescent leaves 
serenely placed on a lacy white doily
the tenacious fuzzy buds burst forth
to dance and sway as vermillion dolphins

“look at that,” I half-whisper
glowing screen still cradled in my palm
your tired eyes sweep the room
smiling when you see the fresh blooms

are you remembering roaring ocean waves?
swigging rum under the starry night sky?
black stone beaches, curvy thin roads?
slippery volcano hikes amongst the misty clouds?

I’m too afraid to ask anymore
with the ghosts of words dancing about
so instead I silently smile back
staring at the plant by the window

26 thoughts on “Poetry: Dolphins in the Green

  1. A beautiful poem and a gorgeous plant with red dolphin flowers. I remember those white doilies – my nan used to have them everywhere. Also, like you, I’ve got a cutting of one of my late Mum’s plants. My daughter took the cutting when I wasn’t there. She then presented me with this tiny growing plant and told me it had been one of Mum’s treasured plants. I was so touched, and contrary to most of my pot plants, I’ve managed to keep this one alive. It’s called a Tradescantia (also known as A Wandering Jew). I also have Mum’s cactus – it has only flowered once since my Mum passed away nearly six years ago. Where does the time go? Xx 💜🌺💛

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  2. Some beautiful verses with such unusual imagery ❤ – 'scattered wispy threads of dead conversations / tucked into seat cushions and under rugs' – very poignant describing the ghosts of long-forgotten words gathering dust in old corners. 🙂

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