Poetry: Thanksgiving

I forgive myself for idealizations of holidays past
For quick crying between wishes
For wiping tears on my pumpkin apron
For missing the harvest moon 
For yelling at myself for falling short
For taking too many or not enough pictures
For missing the sweetness of giggly formality
For not savoring the warmth of deep red wine
For demanding you write on the thankful chalkboard tree
For unrealistic expectations and not asking for help
For not seeing paper-thin leaves on the carpet as beautiful
For forgetting the windowsill wishbone
For making cranberry sauce when you just want canned
For not snuggling under warm blankets
For playing martyr music to myself

I am grateful it’s never too late to learn hard lessons
For pretty glass pumpkins bought 20 years ago
For delicious pies from Apple Hill
For crochet leaf coasters and sparkling cider refills
For round crackers and salty meat
For the mystic splendor of deer on the ridge
For marching bands and behemoth balloons
For bad jokes and big laughter
For pink cheeks and crackling firelight
For making you write on the thankful chalkboard tree
For the perfect turkey placemats for four
For forgiveness and second chances
For squirrel salt & pepper shakers
For snuggles and holding hands
For midnight sandwiches and full bellies
For every moment we’ve had together

*Thank you for supporting my blog this year. Your kindness keeps me going. May your Thanksgiving, if you celebrate, be worry-free and wonderful.

71 thoughts on “Poetry: Thanksgiving

  1. This is beautiful, Bridgette. My favourite lines and those I can identify with are … I forgive myself for …
    For making cranberry sauce when you just want canned
    For not snuggling under warm blankets
    For playing martyr music to myself.
    Wishing you and your lovely family a very happy Thanksgiving. With my love to you all Xx 💓🌼💓😘

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  2. Beautifully heartfelt, Bridgette! May we all find the blessings in the little moments, and find the ability to laugh at the imperfections….the ones that hindsight will turn into cherished memories. 💞💞💞 Happy Thanksgiving! 💞

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  3. This was beautiful, Bridgette! Such a charming heartfelt tribute to treasuring life’s little joys & appreciating our own personal imperfections. Hope you have a magical Thanksgiving 🙂 ❤

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  4. Very very so nice write up poem for Thanksgiving. So peaceful words use in . Iam so .. so glad. I like. Overall discussion on Thanksgiving how and why celebration. I like.

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      • You’re very welcome 😊 I agree. This year was an especially emotional one. My dad passed away last month, and Thanksgiving was his favorite holiday. Thank you so much! Here’s to wishing you a happy holiday season as well!

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      • I’m so sorry for your loss. I hope you felt him watching over you and found the perfect way to honor him. The first holiday is the hardest.

        We lost my mother-in-law recently and I keep thinking of all the things which will be different without her here. I wish I’d have learned how to make that perfect chocolate cake of hers. It’s going to be a hard holiday season, but I am grateful for the lingering effects of her love and her lasting impact on our family. Hugs to you and yours ❤️

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      • Thank you so much. It was hard because I had to stay at home (I’m sick with bronchitis currently from a flu I had three weeks ago). I missed spending Thanksgiving with my mom and sister, which was hard.

        I’m so incredibly sorry for your loss as well. Hugs and warm thoughts to you and yours too ❤️

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