Poetry: Bloom

the day after you left us
purple flowers erupted
in a spot they hadn’t before

velvet soft petals lit by sunlight
quietly whispering love
delicate yet strong just like you

70 thoughts on “Poetry: Bloom

      • That’s so wonderful! They come in pink, white, and purple. I have a pink one but it’s still in a pot and hasn’t bloomed since I’ve had it. The reason being I think it needs more room. With moving around the equine and making bigger pastures and working on building a greenhouse this winter… I don’t want to plant it until it’s ready for it’s forever spot! We want to put some ponds in with koy fish and add an orchard to our farm. There no way I’m going to wanna dig it up and move it so the poor thing has sat in its pot for a while. 💗 Hopefully this spring she’ll be happier!

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  1. This is so beautifully sad. I can the sense a lot of emotion in this piece. Sadness, mixed with rebirth and letting go. At least, that’s my take on it. Absolutely beautiful. Come by and check out my blog. I have a couple of poems as well. 🙂

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