Poetry: About Time

pulling out a cool, thin sundress
from a closet filled with things
that don’t fit anymore, the pain
stabs my shoulder out of nowhere

what happened to me I silently
scream while holding back thick tears
trying to get dressed while the
searing sun radiates down my back

heaviness sits tightly about my middle
pulling me down into spiraling muddy
waters heavy with replayed trauma set
forever stuck on rewind and repeat

from across the room, I see her—
Lizzo twirls from the TV screen 
changing from dull grey to sparkling
blue while singing “about damn time”

drawn to the glamorous dancing goddess
my body sways through the discomfort
as acceptance flows with loving grace
toward my one and only body

35 thoughts on “Poetry: About Time

  1. I am a plus sized woman working on loving myself as is. It is a hard battle. My husband and I were talking about representation the other day, and I was explaining to him how Lizzo and the movement she brings with her has impacted me. It is “about damn time” for all of us. Love you. I know it can be a battle, but love you.

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    • Love you too! I get teary thinking about how much Lizzo has impacted myself and my daughter. Often when I’m thinking negative about my body I think “you can’t let your daughter or Lizzo down.” It really helps. Keep fighting to love yourself and I will too. ❤️❤️❤️

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