Poetry: Mr. Willowby

weathered, treasured pages
lit twinkling lights
childhood has stages
measured in Christmas nights 

rollicking, frolicking fire
child-led merrymaking
favorite book magnifier
for a mother’s heartbreaking

old family traditions
wee bit oversized
find new conditions
for love to crystalize

sharp scissors snip
trimming the top
recast as partnership
family love doesn’t stop

*Inspired by the family’s favorite Christmas book “Mr. Willowby’s Christmas Tree” and my need to learn flexibility as my son turns 18 this month.

50 thoughts on “Poetry: Mr. Willowby

    • Thank you. Our copy is from 1963 and we found it at a thrift store when my kids were small. If you want to see something terrible, google the title and watch a clip from a 1995 TV special version starring Robert Downey Jr. It’s simply awful! The book is far superior, as they usually are 🙂

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  1. Beautifully bittersweet, Bridgette! My sons are both in their 20s now, and my heart still holds the memories and traditions from when they are young….I long for some of those days, but the new traditions we now creating are precious as well 💞💞💞 Hope he has a wonderful birthday!

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