Poetry: The Mall Santa in November

Long before the first whiff of candy canes rise
A bauble-covered evergreen, enormous in size
Arrives in the mall for all the holiday-hooked
While fat turkey waits to be basted and cooked

Sitting center stage on a velvet couch of green
Glad tidings brought forth before casserole of bean
Dear Father Christmas, old Santa Claus himself
Precedes eggnog, gingerbread, or elf on the shelf

November’s mall Santa has quite an easy gig
Before shopping gets desperate, pushy, and big
Fur-lined coat, hair of white, smiling with ease
He waves at the shoppers, aiming only to please

So if you like your Saint Nicholas full of glee
Don’t wait until the line snakes around the tree
November’s the time to gather up all the holly
And visit the mall for your dose of the Big Jolly

58 thoughts on “Poetry: The Mall Santa in November

  1. I love our malls Christmas tree, Lil man does too. It’s a great time out for the family and we enjoy it yearly. I was just at our mall and the tree is more beautiful than ever, but definitely up way too early lol. Nice poem:)

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  2. 😂 I do find it interesting how people start a two day holiday months in advance. After October is over, Halloween month is over and it’s Christmas vibes until December 20-something then everything is gone or on sale. So interesting here.🤷🏾

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  3. You know, reading this poem of yours reminded me of a neighbor that did Santa gigs and gave gifts to the old community he used to live in. He did look Caucasian — with white hair and all — so he convincingly pulled off Saint Nick!

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      • True!!!! Yesterday at the vets office, we had to wait over an hour… waiting for an hour is trying, at best. Standing in line elsewhere for an hour can get old, too. Haha. PS Silly is nice. Makes me want to try writing something fun, too!

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  4. What a lovely take on November full of glee! I do love it since we can avoid the jolly of Santa if I can stave him off. Next week the fam will be home with xmas movies for the week. Luckily they work full time.. bah humbug.. lol I went to the mall and the red balls everywhere were so bright i had to leave,, 🤣
    I do love your poem though!~

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  5. I love this poem, Bridgette. It brightened up an otherwise dull English day for me. Our city Christmas tree isn’t up yet, but I daresay it will be before much longer. The Christmas lights are lighting up the dark evenings now, though, although, this year, for the sake of the planet, the lights are only switched on from 3 pm until 11 pm rather than all day and night. It will save some precious energy. As for Christmas itself, I’m not a great fan as I usually spend the holiday on my own. Still, at least I’ve got Peanut, and she will get a sachet of turkey dinner. I’m vegan, so I usually make something yummy with lots of veggies and, of course, the obligatory sage and onion stuffing. Merry advanced Christmas to you, Bridgette. Thinking of you and your family as always. With love Xx 💖

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    • Thank you, Ellie. I’m sorry Christmas isn’t a happy time for you. That’s how I feel about Thanksgiving. For years it’s just been our little family of four and I’d be sad we didn’t have a big extended family to invite over. For some reason, a few years ago, I was able to let go of that. I stopped wishing our family looked like those depicted on TV or movies, and started being grateful for our little Thanksgiving traditions—we watch the Macy’s parade while eating a meat/cheese tray, my husband BBQ’s our turkey while I make only a few sides so it’s not stressful or wasteful, we use the fancy dishes and dress up, and we take our holiday card photo in the backyard. It’s really nice and peaceful.

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