Poetry: Grandma Kate

I was far too small 
to reach the dusty glass 
jars stacked on the wooden 
shelves of your garage. I’d
skate by wondering what orange

or yellow or green meant
and if you’d teach me
your secrets. I outgrew wanting
to know before your mind
forgot all the things—including 

me. It’s been 17 years 
since you left without meeting
your great-grandchildren and now
I wonder if my persimmon
jam would fit beside yours.

94 thoughts on “Poetry: Grandma Kate

    • Thank you, Tom. I really wish I’d have had the chance to do a lot more things with her. I took her for granted as a child and she died a few days after my son was born—before I had a chance to introduce her to him. I really miss her.

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    • Thank you! She adopted my dad when she was in her mid-40s, so I never saw the youthful version of my grandma. I do know she was a strong woman-star of her high school basketball team and a toll booth collector on the Bay Bridge during World War II. I have so many questions I wish I could ask her.

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      • Wow! What a lot of history! I know I felt the same way about my grandmother. She survived the holocaust. I never got to talk to her about it because of the mental illness that surviving came with. Much hugs to you during this holiday season 🥰

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      • I can’t imagine what your grandmother went through and the ways it changed so profoundly the trajectory of her life/your family. Thank you for the hugs and may your holidays be peaceful and filled with moments of joy❤️

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      • Thank you so much! Even through mental illness, my grandma and I were very close. I would rite her letters once a week and call twice a week. I only got to see her once or twice a month, but when I went to college, I moved closer to her and visited every chance I could get. She died my first year of college on thanksgiving. Her walls were covered with all of my drawings. Even though the nurses would take them down, she kept them in a box under her bed, and I got all of them back. She was such a wonderful person, and her heart always tried to be in the right place. Thank you so much for the holiday wishes and letting me share my experiences and memories with you ❤️

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      • Me too. I honestly didn’t know until the nurses gave me her things after she passed, and there was this big, heavy box that I thought was rocks because it was so heavy. It was all of my drawings I did for her over the years from ages 3-18. She was amazing. I know where my dad and I get it from now ❤️❤️ of course! I love sharing history with others. It’s always so fascinating!

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    • It really is sad. I still dream of her beautiful yard and wish I had her here to teach me all her gardening secrets. The one thing I did learn from her is how to properly grow African Violets and I’ve managed to keep four alive and thriving!

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  1. Delicious jam pic. So beautiful grandmother pic.
    What a lot of history in poem. Such a lovely way to remember your grandmother. So they feel beautiful to me. Thank you shareing memories poem. I like. God blessing, Bridgette 🌹

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  2. These are such beautiful and heartfelt words, Bridgette. Bittersweet feelings – perfectly understandable. Sometimes, it’s not till we lose someone that we realise how much more there would have been to discover and share about each other. I find that having lost my Mum. There are so many unanswered questions that I’d love to ask, but it’s too late. There are things that we have to accept we’ll never know, as hard as it is. I have yet to find a way to accept that myself. I’m glad that you do have some happy memories of your Grandma. It’s a gorgeous photo of her, too. Take care of yourselves. I hope your daughter is coping okay, or as best you can as a family. Sending you and your family my love 💞 and many comforting hugs 🤗 for you, also. Xx 💐💖

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    • Thank you so much, Ellie. I talk to my grandma all the time and she shows up quite often. Once, when I was planting some strawberries in the backyard, I found an embroidered letter K in the ground! She had so many things with her first inital on them. I was like, “grandma is happy I’m finally planting a garden!”

      My daughter’s new meds seem to be helping so much! She got into the homeschool program we wanted and she starts on Jan. 9th. Things are looking up for her. Thank you for praying for her and keeping us all in your thoughts.

      Hugs back to you!

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      • Oh, I can’t tell you how happy I am to hear that your daughter’s medication is helping her so much. That’s really made my day. I’m glad she got into the home school programme, too. Hopefully, this will help her overcome some of her anxieties, as well. Do let me know how she gets on with everything in the new term. I care about you both a lot, even though we’ve never met. I know you’ve been through so much, so I’m delighted for you that things are looking up at last.

        It’s lovely that you can still talk to your Grandma. How lovely to find a letter K on the ground. You must have been very close to her. I’m so pleased you’re getting so much joy from your garden project, too. You will always be in my thoughts. Big hugs for you and your daughter Xx 🤗🌷💕

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