Poetry: The Princess and the Pumpkin

Once upon a time. Nightbirds
forget their songs. Twig fingers 
snap. Sunset shadows stretch beyond 
the dense thicket. Princess wakes.

Flowing red hair, starry blue 
eyes. Gossamer gown and dianthus 
lips. Sneaking outside with thin 
cobweb slippers and apple cheeks.

Tenebrous clouds tap dance through
black night sky. Faceless wolvie
packs roam the woods. Burrs 
grab delicate skin. She runs.

Gloomy twisty forest. An abandoned 
garden bed beneath a Linden 
tree. She curls inside orange
pumpkin’s sticky pulpy depths.

Empty dark monster hisses, spits 
poisonous lies. Heavy razor-clawed 
feet press firmly. Her golden
light slowly dims and fades.

Ravens call. Deers rush. Rabbits
thump. Her heart shoots free
flashing bright across the inky
wide open heavens. Fighting spirit.

Bold as sunflowers, lightning bolt
strong. She’s thick roots burrowed 
deep. An ocean wave thundering
along sandy shores. Princess survives.

*Dedicated to my strong girl. Keep fighting. I see you.

47 thoughts on “Poetry: The Princess and the Pumpkin

  1. So many contrasts between the dark and the light in this piece…and it only takes a glimmer to defeat the darkness. May her fighting spirit be reinforced by those who love her so she can triumph 💞💞💞

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  2. Your vocabulary adds so much depth to your story telling. It makes me stop and think about what I’m reading. Also, the imagery and the progression of the story. That’s amazing how you do that all within a poem.

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  3. This is such a beautifully written, delicately worded poem, Bridgette. I read it three times over to take in everything you have written. You have a real talent for writing moving and detailed poetry. I often think of you and your family, especially your daughter. I know you’re having a difficult time, so please, know you can always write to me by email if you need to ‘chat’ or just to be heard. Much love to you, Bridgette. Xxx 💝

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