52 Photo Challenge: Week 18-Water

“A lake is a landscape’s most beautiful and expressive feature. It is Earth’s eye; looking into which the beholder measures the depth of his own nature.”
—Henry David Thoreau

This week my assignment for the 52 photo challenge was to capture water. My daughter and I visited Folsom Lake at sunset on a chilly Thursday. We spent about three hours wandering, sitting on rocks, and taking in the healing nature of being near a large body of water. It had rained all day and we lucked out when a ray of sunlight burst through the clouds.

Let me know what photo you think I should submit this week for the challenge and if you have an overall favorite. Have a wonderful week!












My spot on the top of a rock.

  • Photos were taken with an Olympus OM-D and edited with ON1 Photo RAW
  • If you want to join the 52 Photo Challenge, you can find all the information at nicolesy.com

52 Photo Challenge
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Week 2: Silhouette
Week 3: Black and White
Week 4: Motion Blur
Week 5: Texture
Week 6: Framing
Week 7: Leading Lines
Week 8: Negative Space
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Week 12: Sidelight
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75 thoughts on “52 Photo Challenge: Week 18-Water

  1. Water is fascinating. Try photographing a fast-moving stream or a waterfall or something. Put your camera on a tripod and leave the shutter open a few seconds. The flow is smoothed. Sometimes the photo just looks a bit flat, but other times it gives a clear indication of the turbulence. I found it worked best when the water was powerful.

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    • That’s a great question. I take over 100 shots each time, and since I don’t have a lot of formal training, it comes down to my gut reaction. I edit the ones I like best and then ask my family to vote on the 10 to use on the blog. I’m glad you like 4 and 5—those are my favorites too! I really tried to get those hawks, but they are crazy fast.

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  2. 3’s very unusual with the stranded tree in deep water, but 5’s got that golden strip of sunlight that really marks it out 🙂 . Some excellent snapshots here, Bridgette! ❤

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  3. How swift everyone else is. Now I’m last, again. I’ll just say, honored to be the tail. Of your quest, number 0, the very first – why – because water is water and so is sky. Sky is full of water, isn’t it. That one says it best, me thinks. But my other favorite is the last with your, I assume, feet. I most, personally, always like when the artist is part of the result. That brief, fair enough. Like I often see, there’s a quality in you that wants to sing that has a life beyond mere skill.

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    • Clouds are water too, aren’t they? Thank you for the kind words. Yes, I included my feet to be part of it, I suppose. My kids make fun of me for taking so many pics of my shoes and feet, but for me, it’s a way of saying I’m part of the memory. I was lucky enough to visit London for one day and my favorite photo is my feet (clad in my favorite Doc Martins) standing on some old bricks. I’ve dreamed of London my entire life. I’ll get back there again. I know it.

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  4. I like, & love for 5, and 9.
    All over all photography is wonderful. Very nice & interested written. Beautiful thought written by Henry David Thoreau!

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  5. For me it’s a no brainer: #3.
    Not only is it my favorite and the one I’d submit; I’m drawn to it for its symmetry. It was pointed out to me how everything in my house is perfectly aligned; nothing is positioned just by chance. Photo #3 has the perfect balance between water and sky with the foliage perfectly positioned. I can’t find a single thing wrong with this shot.

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    • Thank you for such a kind compliment! Yes, there’s something so comforting about symmetry. Did you notice how the plant looks a bit like a chicken? I didn’t notice until a friend pointed it out and now I love it even more. My grandmother collected all things chicken and now I think she might have had a hand in that shot.

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  6. Sorry, I’m so late reading and commenting, my friend. All these photos are just glorious; it’s difficult to choose my favourites. However, I love #3 with the lone tree/shrub in the water somehow resembling a cockerel from the side! I have a vivid imagination – I can see images in clouds, bird formations and all sorts of other nature pictures. I also love #4 with the silhouette of the tree. And all the photos that have a touch of gold in them are special, too. Finally, I have to love the blue flowers amongst the green grass. As I said, it’s difficult to choose a favourite this week. You are such a good photographer, Bridgette, and I’m so glad it’s a pastime that your daughter can join you in, too. Thinking of you lots, as always. Xx 💖

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    • Thank you so much Ellie for such a thoughtful comment. I’m so glad you enjoy my photos. I get so much joy from doing these challenges and it makes me happy to think it brings a bit of joy to others as well. I totally see the chicken #3! I hope you are doing well. Thinking of you as well 🙂

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    • Thank you! It’s starting to warm up here and I’m getting excited about spending the summer at the lake. I asked my family for a renewed park pass for Mother’s Day. I plan on lots of water therapy.

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